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Digital ONPASSIVE is a subsidiary of ONPASSIVE, an AI IT company. Digital ONPASSIVE brings forth the numerous benefits that digitization can bring about on effective implementation.
Every Business has it's own growth potential. What Digital ONPASSIVE does is, it optimizes every contributing factor that influences the Business-customer relationship.



Bridging the gap between what the consumer wants and what you offer Digital ONPASSIVE ensures that your business delivers more than expectations.

  • Automation
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability
  • Comprehensive

What’s Our
Clients Say About & Our Agency

Keegan Fox

CEO Intelimart

We were surprised at the ease and speed with which we got our growth curve trajectory going upwards with the Digital ONPASSIVE strategies. They are easy to implement and execute with the least intervention.

Johann Strauss

Product Manager, Echoing Green Lawns

It's amazing how effective their approach and solutions are. We truly appreciate the new turn to the marketing strategies that we implement now. Absolutely effective and result-oriented.

Evonn Jonas

CEO, Angelic Looks

Am surprised that other beauty brands are not implementing their strategies of reaching out to the right customer bases. We have seen a tremendous growth in our brand visibility and of course in our revenue generation.

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