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Digital Marketing Vs Inbound Marketing

If you have been using the Internet for any length of time, you probably have heard of digital marketing versus inbound marketing. In essence, digital marketing is a marketing method that is similar to traditional marketing methods. Often, the results are very impressive, and this form of marketing has become very popular with all kinds of businesses. There are some distinct differences between digital marketing versus inbound marketing, In any case. A company that offers benefits to a business is ONPASSIVE, an AI-based company covering all the needs and requirements with its AI developed products and services.

Digital marketing

Marketing that uses electronic devices to advertise or convey a promotional message that also measures its impact is Digital Marketing. It can also be referred to as marketing campaigns that appear on a computer, tablet, mobile, or device. It takes any form such as display ads, online video and social media posts and is often compared to “Traditional marketing” such as billboards, magazine ads and direct mail. Digital marketing techniques are not limited to your business only. You can effectively market your business to anyone who has Internet access, either as a new customer or subscriber. You can even target people who are searching for a service that you provide.

Types of Digital Marketing

  • Search engine optimization
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Pay-per-click marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Native marketing
  • Marketing automation
  • Email marketing
The most significant difference is that you can reach a larger number of people when you use digital marketing. Here are a few examples. Suppose you are marketing your lawn care service through digital marketing versus inbound marketing techniques. In that case, you will be reaching more potential customers through the Internet than you would if you were marketing your lawn care service through traditional. It is because of the fact that more people can find you online. This is because you can reach more people through search engines. There is a tremendous amount of free information available on the Internet. A person can do a simple search and pull up a wealth of information on any topic they may interest in. This brings us to another key difference between digital marketing versus inbound marketing. With traditional marketing techniques, you cannot market your company to people who do not already have a relationship with you. The main reasons for this are that it is expensive to advertise to people you have never met. However, with Internet marketing, you can reach people who already have a strong interest in what you have to offer. This makes it far more cost-effective to advertise to people you know want to purchase the products or services you provide.

B2B versus B2C digital marketing

  1. B2B clients tend to have longer decision making processes and therefore have longer sales funnels. In contrast, B2C customers respond better to short term offers and messages.
  2. B2B transactions are usually based on logic and evidence, and B2C content are mostly emotions- based that focuses on making the customer feel good about the purchase.
  3. B2B decisions tend to need more than one person’s input, and B2C customers favor one-on-one connections with a brand.
Another advantage of using digital marketing versus inbound marketing is that a business owner can quickly determine how much to advertise their business. They do not have to worry about the amount of money that they will be spending on advertising. Instead, one can determine how much profit one wants to make and allocate the appropriate amount of money based on the amount of traffic they are currently receiving. One does not have to worry about the number of sales that they will be experiencing either. Traditional inbound marketing strategies take time for them to work. A person has to build their brand by continuously communicating to people whom they target with their advertisements. This can take months to accomplish. However, a business owner can place their advertisements on the Internet to increase their return on investment quickly.

Wrapping up

Finally, another great advantage to digital marketing versus inbound marketing is that a business owner can easily track their new customers. The traditional method is to open up records and sales reports and then figure out who has visited their store in person and who has purchased from them in person. However, this is a very tedious process. The process can also become quite expensive if one has to hire a professional to do the job. One of the companies that provide these benefits is ONPASSIVE, an AI-based company that covers all the needs and requirements of a business to succeed.

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