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The Use Of Artificial Intelligence In Analytics


Artificial intelligence has been used to help with business, sports, weather stations and now is used in the financial and insurance industries. So what is the use of Artificial Intelligence in analytics? It takes data collected from many sources and analyzes it to create predictions based on those data sets. How is this different from a person just sitting in front of a computer and taking notes? It’s not that people aren’t doing this, but because of how information flows and how data is organized, it’s much easier for a human brain to process information than it would be for a computer to do the same thing.

Artificial Intelligence in Analytics

Companies that are building, updating and maintaining their information systems will want to look at artificial intelligence in analytics to build these systems faster, find out what’s working and what’s not and make it easier for them to adapt as their business changes. This is especially important when building a system that is used to provide customer service or financial services. ONPASSIVE expects its information systems to be constantly up-to-date with real-time information with the ever-changing technology and information consumers. Of course, companies won’t build an information system without data, so they’ll need to get it from various sources. Human beings collect data every day and then analyze it to form opinions, beliefs and judgments about various subjects. Today human beings have even more sources of information and data at their disposal than ever before, through things such as cell phones, the Internet, television and radio. In addition to collecting information itself, humans use social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to connect with their friends and family. In contrast, most people use at least one of these social media outlets.

Use Of Artificial Intelligence In Analytics

Companies must therefore ask themselves how artificial intelligence used in analytics is. There are currently multiple uses for it, such as determining customer demographics, product preferences, geographic location and interests through behavioural analysis and much more. In addition, there are many ways in which artificial intelligence can be used in data mining. The goal of the analysts is to take raw unstructured data and analyze it to provide insights into a subject by using mathematical algorithms and statistical methods. Humans can create meaningful and usable information with access to large volumes of data and combining it intelligently. It is essential to understand that an artificial intelligence system will never replace qualified human being but complement their knowledge and skills. We live in a world where there is far too much information to sift through to find that needle in the haystack; however, it is possible to filter the relevant information that helps assist human decision by using complex algorithms and sophisticated computer programs making. It helps humans reduce the time spent searching through mountains of data. It allows humans to focus on the tasks at hand and eliminate the non-relevant information.


As technology improves the way businesses operate, artificial intelligence in analytics may play a large part in our everyday lives. Companies like IBM, ONPASSIVE, Microsoft and other tech giants are currently researching and developing artificial intelligence software programs that could revolutionize how we do business. By having ONPASSIVE computers that can process large amounts of data, run complex algorithms and make technology intelligent decisions, the role of humans in public and private sectors may diminish significantly. However, we can only hope that artificial intelligence remains restricted to assisting humans in their mundane tasks.

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